Mother’s Day Blast From the Past

Firstly: Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there.

While visiting my Mother today she unloaded what amounted to a time capsule into my car! She had three big totes of stuff from as long ago as my first baby shoes to as recent as High School graduation. I’m so tickled she kept all of this stuff for me!

What REALLY got me going out of all of it was my first MP3 player and my old CD player. I used to be obsessed with music (and technology) when I was younger. This thing had to be from 1999 or something! The moment I walked in the door at home I popped some AAs in it and it still freakin’ powers on! I just need to find a CompactFlash card that will work (I think it came with 64 megabytes?) and find the software to put on it! Anyone remember RealPlayer? lol. 🤓