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Hi, I’m Jimmie! By day, I’m one of the many cloud wizards working on Azure at Microsoft. By night, I’m a cat dad, I’m a fish nut, I’m a foodie, and a tech nerd who’s obsessed with gadgets, Linux, and all wild projects that end up being overly-complicated for no reason. 😅 I dabble in home improvement, home automation, random entrepreneurial endeavors, and lots of other things!

This is my outlet. I’m probably gushing (long windily, sorry!) about something I enjoy or something that really got me peeved. Hopefully that’s not you!

Say hi!

If you’re interested in connecting professionally, come find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimmielightner/

Random bits of code and projects hosted here: https://github.com/jimmielightner

Mastodon: https://hachyderm.io/@jimmielightner