New Bike Day! 🚲

While we were in Germany earlier this month, my friend (and coworker) John talked me into buying a new bike. John’s a badass… no shit, like the kind that competes in triathlons, Iron Man challenges, etc. So when he said “buy this bike” I bought the bike he said to get. 🤣

Parts of the trip are a bit fuzzy from sleep deprived delirium, but I’m almost certain we started this conversation on day 1 while we were enjoying some German brews and pork schnitzel waiting for the hotel to find a room for me. I happened to casually mention that my fiancé and I were considering getting bikes – and he jumped all over it. His recommendation: the Canyon Grail:ON CF 8

Anyway, the bike came today. It took about 40 minutes to unpack, put the front wheel on, fasten the seat post, and get the pedals situated. Then it was time for that first ride. I only went through the neighborhood, but #@%& that bike is QUICK! I can’t wait to ride more! (And get new pedals – the ones it came with are impossible!)

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