Meet Koda

We adopted a baby pupper! He’s something akin to a murder floof, or so the scary things you’d read about on the interwebz or hear about on TikTok would have you believe. Maligator, vicious, bitey demon, fur missile, etc. Some of those may be partly true. 😅 He’s got a little mouth full of razor sharp puppy teeth, but he knows it. He’s incredibly gentle with us (except when it comes to my toes … weirdo. ) but not so much with toys or sticks. I’ve never watched a puppy shred a stick in a sitting before.

He’s still very young – 7 weeks and 5 days, but he’s learning fast! We’ve started crate training and aside from a mistake that was entirely my fault, he’s gone potty outside every single time!

I’m excited for everyone to meet him! 🐕