Credit Card “Convenience” Fees

You ever have those nights where you just don’t feel like cooking even though you have plenty of food in the fridge? Yeah, that was us last night. We ended up heading out to Gallo’s Tap Room for dinner.

The place wasn’t crowded despite it being 6pm. The patio had plenty of spots, so we sat with our backs to the sun and enjoyed some beer, wings, and a sandwich. When it was time to settle up, we even sprang for dessert to go. (Avoid it. For $8, that slice of cheesecake should be at least twice the size!)

It was all good until the check came. That’s when I noticed a “convenience fee” was added to our bill with no warning. This is the second restaurant we’ve been to that has started doing this. It’s an ugly practice that will drive me to stop going to restaurants who do so. They’d be better off to bake that nonsense into the cost of the food – I can’t be the only one who thinks “guess that’s coming off the tip.” It’s not fair to the wait staff. Guarantee the management doesn’t care, though.

When this happens from now on I’m using the card that will be most expensive for the establishment to accept, and then avoiding that merchant in the future! 😽 GFC!

Now that I think about it, I’mma start a page to publish all of the places who practice this shit. Posted here

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