Ozotech Poseidon Racket

It’s been a long time since I’ve given any thought to the ozone setup I run on the office tank. I was contemplating updating my 15+ year old (but still very much working!) AquaMedic 200 mg Ozone Generator with one of the Ozotech Poseidon units until I read on the Ozotech website they suggest replacing their corona discharge cells YEARLY?

This seems like a HUGE racket to me – I’ve never had to do any maintenance beyond a simple flush of my AquaMedic unit. Do these Ozotech cells really go bad so quickly, or is this just an abundance of caution type thing? If this is true, not only will you pay nearly $300 for the unit, but another $100 / year for the privilege of changing out the CD cell! LOL NO THANKS!

I asked this very question to BRS weeks ago, but they’ve yet to acknowledge or publish it. (gee, I wonder why?) I think I’ll be staying away from these! 😉

I need a fellow fish friend in the EU to buy one of the new AquaMedic units and ship it to me! I’ll happily send you trashy American goodies and junk food in exchange!