A&M Landscaping and Lawncare

While hopping off a work call just now I happened to notice the sound of a mower outside. Odd. When I peered out the window, the neighbor’s yard was being mowed. VERY ODD. Especially today, on the 28th of November. It’s currently 29° Fahrenheit (that’s -1.67° Celsius for you metric weirdos) and the ground felt pretty well frozen just a bit ago when I took the dog out to potty.

What the hell? If I was paying a REPUTABLE service to care for my lawn, I’d hope they wouldn’t rip me off with “final mow” on a day when they’d actually do more harm to grass than good. Then again, A&M are the same folks who damaged and put ruts in my yard while trying to park their truck to mow next door – and argued with me about “rights of way” and easements when I confronted them about it. 🤣 (See: passive aggressive red reflectors)

Another local company doing shady, weird shit! 🤷🏼‍♂️