Author: Jimmie

  • Mother’s Day Blast From the Past

    Firstly: Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there. While visiting my Mother today she unloaded what amounted to a time capsule into my car! She had three big totes of stuff from as long ago as my first baby shoes to as recent as High School graduation. I’m so tickled she kept all […]

  • Aquarium Stock List

    I have a 120 gallon tank in my office and these are the inhabitants, past and present. I’ve also included potential additions. Before you flame me, know that they’re only fish that I think are attractive and will likely get along in the existing community based on research of behaviors. I am aware of their […]

  • When you’re in “Columbus,” but not in Ohio…

    Had to take a work trip this week. This thought made me chuckle. Standing in Columbus Circle, facing Deutsch Bank Center in Manhattan, New York City.

  • An Evening Aboard the Titanic

    An Evening Aboard the Titanic

    We had the opportunity and pleasure to attend An Evening Aboard the Titanic at Refectory Restaurant in Columbus on Monday, April 10th. Chef Richard prepared a four-course dinner recreated from the menu of the RMS Titanic’s First Class cabin the night the ship sank. Guests also enjoyed a private performance by Lyrata, a local string […]

  • My Favorite Mac Apps 2023

    I’m a Mac despite having worked for Microsoft since 2015. 😅 I love the Mac / Apple platform, but also loathe it. The latest changes Apple is pushing are ruining the entire ‘desktop’ experience. As such, I’ve yet to upgrade to Ventura – it’s a hot mess I’d prefer to avoid for as long as […]

  • First Post

    I’ve been toying with the idea of rebooting this blog. Just some of the usual shenanigans: tech, aquaria, life. Nothing too fancy, either. Last time I got distracted by the complexities of converting markdown to static HTML with Wyam via DevOps and a cake script that deployed it all to an Az Storage account. This […]

  • Customizing Configuration Manager Offline Servicing of Operating System Images Temporary File Location

    While working on a presentation for Microsoft’s Minority Student Day here in the Columbus office, I came across an annoyance with Configuration Manager 1610 in my lab. The ConfigMan server in the lab is virtual, hosted on Server 2016 in Hyper-V. The VM’s OS disk is set to be 128GB and stored on a high […]

  • Home Lab Upgrade

    Azure is fun. It’s more than fun – it’s low-key kind of awesome. With just a few clicks anyone can make pretty much anything they want without having to have hardware on-hand to prop it up. All you need is money (or a sponsored Azure account from your workplace *hint hint*). While that’s pretty damn […]