Category: Azure

  • Disable Azure CLI Telemetry Collection

    Pfffffffft! Dafuq? No thank you, Microsoft. That’s getting #disabled right TF now. (See Microsoft official documentation)

  • Cleaning Azure File Shares with Azure Functions

    One of the complaints I have about using FSLogix to store AVD User Profiles on Azure File Shares is that there’s no native way to clean up the stale / unneeded VHDs once users move on. If you search the web, you’ll come across some curiously misleading examples that discuss setting up an Azure Function…

  • Azure Cloud Challenge: Lime Survey

    Last week I worked with a team in Germany to deliver an Azure Hackathon. During the hackathon, we decided to create a cloud challenge for the team to work through. These challenges are difficult and require independent critical thinking. The requirements below were developed with the attendees, after which we worked at the whiteboard to…