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  • Disable Azure CLI Telemetry Collection

    Pfffffffft! Dafuq? No thank you, Microsoft. That’s getting #disabled right TF now. (See Microsoft official documentation)

  • Parallels Desktop VM Isolation

    I’m fascinated by the logic here. Why is this experience not inverted? Why is the user only prompted for confirmation when ENABLING isolation (because: why would I want said VM to be able to read the contents of my clipboard?) but not when disabling it? Isn’t the isolation the entire point of the VM? 🤔

  • Nope.

    You can shove the “payment method ownership” excuse up your ass, Poshmark. This little stunt right here is a blatant grab made to hoover up personal information that is both unnecessary and dangerous to consumers. What a scam! For being a clothing platform, your site sucks. You know it’s bad when even eBay is better!…